Petit bateau
Aluminum's  voyage
Illustration d'une montagne d'alumine
The alumina received by certain quebec ports comes from South America. It is used to obtain aluminum!
Illustration d'un camion
Santos, Brésil Illustration d'usine
After it is extracted, alumina begins its maritime adventure to reach processing plants!
Illustration d'un bateau
Illustration d'une montagne
12 days to cross the Atlantic and arrive in a St. Lawrence port
Illustration d'une montagne
after its voyage, alumina arrives at its destination and is forwarded to our plants to be processed into aluminum. Illustration d'un camion
Illustration d'une chaîne de production Illustration d'une chaîne de production
- A - great many manufacturers get their supplies here and design all of the products derived from aluminum that we buy
to enable  you to enjoy your leisure activities !
Illustration d'une bouteille de chaudron